What To Expect

This is glorified camping! We like to say “Camping at its finest” because you don’t need to lug so much equipment in and out, and no setting up or breaking down camp in the wind or rain.

What to bring:

  • Cooler full of your favorite foods and beverages.
  • Drinking Water
  • Headlamp
  • Sleeping bags or Linens (Full or Twin)
  • Good vibes


This is the Maine woods you can bet they’re animals potentially sniffing around, especially at night. No worries though as this is camping- actually makes it more exciting.  Over the last year, we’ve had owls, bears, moose, bald eagles, pine martin, deer, turkey, fox, ermine, and coyotes all make appearances across the property. Please give the animals their space and be respectful.

No Electrcity, No running water

Remember this is camping- and not the kind of camping that has hook-ups.

Cooking inside the yurt is on a 3 burner cook-top via propane or on the gas grill outside the yurt, and lighting is via propane or candlelight. We DO provide approx. 9 gallons of non-potable water for each yurt to wash hands and do dishes.


Each yurt site has its own porta-potty just outside the yurt- year-round.


We provide a solar shower during the warm months. This is a 5L black bag full of non-potable water that hangs. As soon as it starts freezing at night we store them away for the colder months.

Cleaning of the Yurts:

We ask that guests do their best to leave the yurt the same way they found it- clean and straightened up.  We provide everything needed for guests to leave clean dishes- FYI- we DO charge additional cleaning fees for dishes not cleaned and for excessively dirty yurts or yurt site. Please use the dishwashing station to dump dirty food water and greywater.

Reservation process:

When you submit your reservation request form via the website, it instantaneously marks that particular yurt as reserved.  You can usually expect to get your reservation confirmation sometime before Noon the following day after submitting the reservation request.

Where are the owners?

We live on the property; you’ll see the Dark Grey/white trim house when you come up the hill towards self- check-in.  We generally try to leave our guests alone so they can enjoy the property. That being said, we are ALWAYs here- if you need anything- just contact Scott.

Frost Mountain Drone View